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Insects, the next meat. Few in the Western world like to admit that meat sources around the globe are going to be unsustainable as population increases. In fact, more nutritionists are coming out and proclaiming that beef, and pork are not very healthy in the first place, and we all know how crowded chicken coops can be, spreading disease to large populations. While fish have been found to be contaminated as our oceans continue to be polluted, and fish farms can be less nutritious.

Many Westerners don’t even like to look at their food in the original form but we are able to chow down on a 12 oz. ribeye on the 4th of July, while some children don’t know where it comes from. This is not to say it is wrong to eat this way, merely to show that the winds of change for protein based foods such as steak, chicken, pork and even fish are changing. So, what if there was an option, well there is! Insects have become a growing source in Western culture with many varieties of cricket flour being introduced into baking and even into dried “chips”. So why do I feel that insects are the future food, because they provide a high percentage of protein, sometimes as high as 67grams/100gram serving of cricket powder in comparison to 32grams for 100 gram serving of beef. In addition, the micro and macro nutrients of insects exceeds most typical meat sources. Lastly, the carbon foot print, water and space required to raise crickets and other insects is far less than all other meat sources, while the sustainability is much greater.

The product that I am proposing and have developed is Insectivore, it is an insect based protein powder that can be used as a meal replacement and nutritional additive. It provides a comparable amount of protein, BCAAs and nutrients, as all current whey and soy based protein drinks. Furthermore, those with Lactose intolerance or soy allergies will experience no discomfort from Insectivore. I choose to develop this protein drink because I used whey protein myself, but felt it was time to look to something that is not so unsustainable and will provide adequate or superior nutrition. Lastly, despite the very real discomfort of many people to insects in their original form a powder based product could solve some of those challenges. It is time to introduce a new sustainable food product, and while some may not be ready, I believe individuals focused on their health and on the future will find Insectivore a leap in the right direction.


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