The Smart Bottle

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We have seen many water bottles being used and dumped after emptied leading to piles of recyclable plastic clearly a hazard to human health. The recent stats show that 38 billion water bottles were thrown away and more than $1 billion of plastic was wasted in the US alone in the last year. Moreover, water from the tap occasionally has an unpleasant taste or odor, such as a metallic taste or sulfurous odor as well as millions of bacteria, especially in tap water.

We have the solution to two problems stated in the form of a water bottle. This is a product which works in a way that making the buyer in a win-win situation. The water bottle is not the ordinary one like other because it is re-useable and will thus reduce the recyclable wastage. The bottle will be designed in a way that it could be transformed into any size the person wants, made from safe micro-purified rubber with safety antibacterial lining, the bottle size can be adjusted using the size adjusting shaft installed inside the plastic casing covering the rubber inner thus the mechanism will work just like a motorbike shocker with different adjusting slots on the sides to choose between this mechanism will create the space especially during the travel when people have low space in their luggage bags.

Secondly, the most important and innovative thing about this bottle is that it will be having the filter sponges to filter the water. The filter will be a combination of various filtering materials and technologies including antibacterial activated carbon filtering combined with more herbal coconut shell filtration. people traveling from the United States to Africa may feel that the water that they will get to drink in Africa may not be very filtered and unfit for healthy consumption, so this bottle is really nothing less than a piece of gem where any kind of water whether it be tap water, mineral or even sparkling will be well filtered and made pure for drinking within an instance. The target segment for this products will mainly be the passengers traveling at the airport but it could well be used by any ordinary consumer aiming to ease their life. The filter sponges would be replaceable and every 4 months at a minimal amount. Three sponges will be provided with the bottle at the first time, easing out for the customers and the filter sponges can be ordered online through the official website and would be made available to local superstores as well. For customer’s attraction, the variety of colors will also be available.

The unique selling point of bottled water is the convenience. It's comforting to have a ready supply of drinking water with you when you're in the car, hiking in the mountains, out for a run or anywhere where water is not easily accessible you can carry as much of amount convenient with you.


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    Vishal Vishal
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    Muneeb Ahmed Mirza Faizan Shahid Talha Asif
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    Being a student of entrepreneurship at University of Sussex for the summer and possessing a creative and problem-solving nature, I got trapped in a problem three months back when I flew from Karachi to Sukkur, I spent more than 20% of my expenses to get clean water. During my flight this idea clicked my mind of having filter installed handy bottles. Thus upon working with my team, we were able to materialize this idea into a feasible design that’s both elegant looking and multi-purpose useful.
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