Hair Dryer With The Warm Stream Out\Away From The Head

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The existing models of hair dryers have two variable parameters - the temperature and the speed of air flow. You will agree that the hair dryer may have one more variable parameter - direction of warm air flow\stream.

What would we have, if the warm air stream were directed away from the user's head?

What the new consumer quality hair dryer will gain:

-- no smashed\trampled or disheveled hair as when the flow of warm air is directed towards the surface of the user's head;

-the hair will be gently lifted above the head, with such a direction of flow, what is created is a voluminous and lush\fluffy hair;

-remember curlers, in this case will be the same - the flow of air, in the drying process, will lift the root\basal part of the hair and keep it in its upward flow;

-over-dry skin is one of the reasons for dandruff, but in our case, the scalp will not get over-dry;

-the user may choose which stream to use for dry hair - "to the head" or "away from" the head;

-after using the existing models of hair dryers, the user must take a comb or brush and comb hair; in our case it is not necessary; using the hair dryer with arising stream, the hair will comb during the drying process.

That is not all. The hair dryer takes on a new quality. Such dryers nobody has. It is a new product for market.

Now, please, draw your attention to the fact that what woman have to do, to get more or less voluminous style hair. Please, take a look, it's not long:

How To Blow Dry Your Hair To Create Volume

or here

You see how many things consumers must have to create volume styled hair:
Hairdryer + brush + comb + nozzle + diffuser+ two hands in work = volume hair

With our new model it will be only:
hairdryer+ one nozzle + one hand in work = volume, comb hair.

You are the expert in this area and you can really appreciate the appeal of such hair dryer, in your household.


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