Thorpad - No Hammer Required

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A lot of objects use suction cups when mounted. The problem is that all suction cups after a while lose their suction force and fall down.

ThorPad combines the well-known mushroom-shaped interface of the conventional suction cup with the amazing adhesive properties of modern polymers. The sticky side is not a glue but a special polymer that leaves no residues. The pad itself is made of a flexible but very sturdy technical polymer.

The compact Thorpad can be attached to all smooth and clean surfaces, it even attaches to curvy surfaces. It is easy to re-apply the ThorPad, just clean it in soap and water, let it dry and it is good to go.

Thorpad is the perfect direct replacement of conventional suction cups in the kitchen and the bathroom.



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    Soren Jensen
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    Identifying sources of 'micro stress' and trying to come up with simple, yet novel, solutions in order to reduce or remove the 'micro stress'.
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