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When we enter and go to registration desk, we are given a Bobby. Each Bobby team has a color as a sign of the team. When we get close to our teammates, it starts to blink slowly like it's breathing. So you understand by this reaction that there is a connections between your Bobby and other teammates' Bobbies. Referring to Bobbies connection, you start to engage with your teammates.

After gathering each team, the mother of same color Bobbies starts blinking slowly on the top of the table and in this way each team understands where they should sit.

In the Bobby we use Arduino Uno as the microcontroller.

At the beginning we tried to find a social dilemma and it was: "In workshops when you should introduce yourself, you panic and got stress and forget the things that you want to say.

We frame out this dilemma and we understand that if before introducing yourself, you have group that know you, you have support and that helps you to not panic and or get stressed.



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