The Intelligent Cradle (I-Cradle)

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Infants or toddlers needs parents' attention 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is practically impossible due to other priorities like household activities, official works and personal works. Baby care centre or nanny are the two options available which involve lot of passion. Nowadays lot of incidents are reported in social media featuring human attack to the toddlers in a brutal way. So, there is a need for safe and secure place to take good care of the children’s need with minimum human intervention.

The present invention address all the above drawbacks in an efficient way. The novelty of the invention is that the parents can monitor the infant’s activities, health condition and biological need of the baby even from a remote place. A semi-automated Intelligent Cradle is designed to eliminate the difficulties in baby care by ensuring Security, Comfort, and Entertainment with the capability to monitor from a distance while the mother is busy with other work. The proposed system “Intelligent Cradle” has the following functionalities:

Provides monitoring system through camera
Provides automatic temperature adjustment for comfortable stay of baby
Provides the ability to monitor the baby’s health parameters
Provides an Alert on wetness
Provides mechanical movement as Cradle when the baby needs
Provides the Time alert for Hunger, Medicine, etc.
Provides Entertainment – Recorded Voice of the mother, Song, Colorful play Games
Provides the ability to control the cradle through Remote


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