Ultrasonic Wireless Power Transmission For Sensors

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The aim of this project is to develop a wireless power transmission method utilizing ultrasonic waves travelling along plates. The primary application for this method is the supply of power to wireless sensor nodes located in remote areas of a building. The method can also be used in other applications in which a wireless power supply is desirable and a plate structure through which the ultrasonic waves can propagate exists. A vibration generator is placed in a location where electricity supply is readily available. Ultrasonic waves generated by this device travel through the structure to a receiver in a remote wireless sensor node. The receiver converts the mechanical vibration of the ultrasonic waves back to electricity, which is used to power the sensor node. Energy harvesting devices utilizing vibration or thermal gradients occurring in the structure are considered to hold the most promise. The uninterrupted availability of sufficient amounts of energy to be harvested by such devices is, however, a source of concern. The ultrasonic power delivery system is aimed to address the short comings. It is expected to bridge the distance remaining between existing cabling and the sensors without the need to install additional wires.


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    Abhishek Chakrala
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    Power Transmission play a major role in the present market, this power transmission is usually achieved using wires which has lot of drawbacks. In my design i have used wireless power transmission using ultrasonic waves so that instead of using wires all the devices can be charges wireless. As i used ultrasonic wave there wont be any harmful EM radiations and it will be very beneficial to the people.
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