Induction Current Generator

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This project is all about electromagnetic induction; something which we could have used so far but we but couldn’t have any idea about it.

Today, the world around us is full of all sort of wirings with electricity flowing in them and hardly is there some place in the civilized world where we can’t find it. We know that all wires through which electricity flows have magnetic lines of force around them. At many places we use these magnetic lines of force for producing mechanical energy or vice versa; that is, we use mechanical energy to produce magnetic lines of force with the help of magnets to produce electricity. In this project the magnetic lines of force of the wiring that surrounds us can be used to create electricity without too much cost. In a transformer electromagnetic induction helps to transfer current from primary coil to the secondary coil by the magnetic lines of force but here we can directly extract the current through any wire with electricity flowing in it with the use of the magnetic lines of force which could in turn create a magnetic field around the secondary coil and induce current in it. The device could be constructed as in the figure where this naked wire could be used from any current carrying one. As the efficiency of transformer is highest of all devices known to us we could further create a set up wherein the number of turns of primary as well as the secondary coil could be adjusted from outside to utilize our desired voltage; maybe not always and not to power heavy electronics but enough to charge phones or other small stuff.

The loss by eddy currents can be minimized using soft iron plates instead of a rod and the efficiency of the transformer would further help for reduction of loss of energy. The drawback one may find in the set up could be that the current in the single external wire may not be strong enough to produce a magnetic field to generate current in secondary coil; which is true of course; so the wires used in the device should have minimum resistance and the single external wire used in it should contain enough current for the same. The set up can be further enhanced to power different devices such as even a laptop by dual transformer set up wherein the wire which would be used to induce the current would obviously be a part of step up one because the number of turns in the primary coil would be only one so there could be a need to reduce the voltage which would then be managed by the other transformal set up which would be made to act as a step down one. On the whole this device can help to produce small amount of electricity of no cost just using the magnetic field around wires around us and can be constructed as comparatively small mobile phone sized portable gadget.


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