Auto Power Cell

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My conceptual design APC (Auto Power Cell) can power any electrical and electronic appliances without providing fuel or anything else to it. APC consists in its container - one Cl+ ion block , one Cl- ion block, two thin glass layers and a thin layer of N-Type and P-Type semiconductor with band gap in between them. All these components are placed according to the figure.

Working principle:
The large Cl-ion block repels electrons present at the N-Type semiconductor and attracts those electrons by the large Cl+ ion block such that electrons can move through band gap in between N-Type and P-Type semiconductor towards P-Type semiconductor. Then P-Type semiconductor layer becomes negatively charged and N-Type semiconductor layer becomes positively charged by accepting and releasing electrons accordingly. These two semiconductor layers are connected externally by conductor through load resistance such that electrons received by the P-Type semiconductor from N-Type semiconductor through band gap now again move towards the N-Type semiconductor through load resistance. This cyclic process continues and output voltage can be achieved across the load resistance.


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