MoDesk - The Future of Desktop Computing

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Abstract: Concept design for a new age computing system. Breaking away from the age of planned obsolesce,this product allows easy up-gradation to newer technologies. Modularity, power and performance sharing onto a common hardware platform are the USPs of the product. It also re-looks at the way computing devices are viewed by the users, in terms of forms, aesthetics and functions.

With the rapidly changing face of technology, desktop computers are starting to fade away from the computing technology market, which is because of the exponential increase in the computing power of mobiles device.

Despite the increase in the performance of the mobile devices, there is still a need for system with the computing capabilities of a desktop computer. Because with the change or improvement of technology, needs of the users also changes or increase.

In this current era where we are surrounded by multiple devices which are portable, mobile and robust; “Modesk” is a product which combines the concept of modularity, portability and ease of use all into a single desktop computing unit. Also the product is designed with the idea of changing the notion, that a desktop computer needs a desk or a workplace to complete a task.

About the Product in brief:
The product has been designed based on the following three design criteria
1. Modularity
2. Expandability
3. Integrability

The design has two parts the Base and the Modules. Their will be more than one module which are to be plugged on to the base. The modules are similar to one computing unit of a computer. All the modules can be stacked together and used as one system, thus giving the user a burst combine computing power of more than one system hence improving the performance or productivity and experience of the user. The function of the base is to manage the protocol of hardware sharing among the modules and provide base for mounting and placing the product in different scenario based on the user's desire. In addition the base also provide air ventilation in case of need of cooling.


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    Rubash Sinam
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    Sinam Rubash Singh Parag Anand Mesharam(Guide/Mentor) Aditi Singh(Guide/Mentor) Ruchin Choudhary(Guide/Mentor)
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    Besides being a student of Master of design in Industrial Design, I am also a student of Engineering with a bachelors degree in technology in the field of Electronics and communication engineering. It has been my dream to merge science with design/art and besides learning n tweaking PC hardware has been my hobby, the design project that i am submitting was one of the opportunity in which i can invest all my passion and realize my dream of designing and building a product or a service related to computing.
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