Glass Fibre Weaving for Circuits Boards

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Textiles made of glass fibre yarn are used in various industrial applications, such as furnishing fabrics, as reinforcement in composite materials and as a building material. Printed circuit boards as used in electronics industry require high mechanical strength and dimensional stability, glass fabric reinforced composites are ideal for this type of application.

Glass fibres are extremely strong and stretch only minimally when subjected to strain. Low knot and loop strength of glass fibres causes the fibre to break which presents a challenge for weaving these yarns. This is why the broken ends (warp yarns) can not be repaired by using conventional knot process. Glass fibre yarns can be subjected to extreme stresses; but they consist of a large number of highly sensitive individual filaments, which for electronics applications, for example, no more than 5 - 9 micrometers in diameter. Therefore preventing yarn damage at high filling insertion rate is essential for glass fabric weaving. Even though glass fibre yarns are very strong, they nevertheless have to be treated with great care during processing. The knot strength of glass fibres have been increased using wet slaked lime. The wet slaked lime (pink colour) is applied on the surface of the glass filaments, it contains micro particles and it does not allow as well as reach the breaking point. Thus, the glass fibre knot strength is increased by wet slaked lime technique.

In this view, the glass fibre fabrics production is more beneficial to the weavers it terms of profit compared to the conventional textile materials production in the same weaving machines.


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