KOACH Instant ISO Class 1 Cleanroom

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Instant Cleanrooms

The portable KOACH system produces ISO class 1 cleanroom work space in one minute or less in virtually any environment. No need to wait hours, days or weeks to have a clean work-space. Portability makes the systems ideal for labs, pilot lines or even in cleanrooms where less particle contamination is desired. Requiring only standard 120v power, these units use 70% less overall energy than conventional cleanrooms. Only maintenance needed is an annual filter replacement. The patented FERENA filter is one of the system’s key elements. The KOACH system is available in models ranging from T500 tabletop (approx. 4 feet working area) and C900 workbench (approx. 8 feet working area) to large modular cleanrooms (approx. 60 feet working area).

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    Harold Barclay
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