Miniature Laser To Fiber Connector

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The miniature Laser to Fiber connector was developed to fit a requirement for data storage and retrieval utilizing a back-scatter technique. The access arm necessarily had to have the least weight and volume dedicated to the optical components. In addition, due to confined space, it was necessary to utilize fiber to conduct the optical interface due to the size physical attributes of the laser diodes and subsequent connections and drive electronics.

The three-piece assembly has an outside size of 20 mm diameter x 12.8 mm long.

The components may be created from Nylon, ABS or ceramic for harsh environment.

The laser holder is accessed through a removable plug, which is locked in place by the fiber holder when it is turned to the secure position.

The laser and fiber are locked into position when the fiber holder is rotated to the locked position.

The device may be disassembled and re-assembled quickly. It is designed to be reliable.

To use one must first bond the fiber lens, then insert the laser diode, insert the fiber, place the plug into its receptacle, turn the fiber connector clockwise until it stops.


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