Driver Warning System In Hill Road Bends For Safer Journey

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The main idea of this proposal is to provide a pleasant and peaceful hill travel and to avoid any possibility of accidents in hill curves. Hill stations have always been a favorite vacation spots for all age groups. Road was the most commonly used way of journey to highland. Highland roads are fully filled with many hectic and endless blind spot curves. These curves provide either partial or no-visibility of the incoming traffic to the drivers. Due to reckless driving unplanned occurrence or misadventure happens. Even today many people are scared to death when they make a way to highland and this never changes. This innovation addresses the above problem and by this the safety of the commuters travelling is ensured. The comfort and confidence to the drivers while maneuvering the risky corners are established. To provide a pleasant and peaceful hill travel by secured journey.

Two poles are placed at the ends of the curve in hill bends. Ultrasonic sensors are fixed on each pole. Ultrasonic sensor senses the incoming vehicles towards the pole and sends information to Arduino UNO controller board. Warning signal lights are fixed to each pole connected with Arduino UNO controller board. Arduino UNO makes the warning signal glows brighter according to the program, when the vehicles approach near to the bend in hill road.

Arduino microcontroller is interfaced with two ultrasonic sensors. Arduino is programmed to find the distance of vehicles at particular time interval. From the change in distance of the vehicle at the time interval we have calculated the velocity of approaching vehicle on both sides by using the formula.

[v= ds/dt= (s2-s1)/dt].
ds-difference in distance,
s2-distance of object before delay,
s1-distance of object after delay.

By comparing the time calculated for the vehicles to reach the hill road bend on both the sides the warning led signals are made to glow brighter to avoid the collision of approaching vehicles.

The above components such as ultrasonic sensor, warning signal and a microcontroller will be powered by using the solar energy. Compared to other sensors like infrared sensor, magnetometer sensor, high accuracy and desired result has been produced by the ultrasonic sensor with low consumption of power.

This can decrease the accidents rate as the safety of the commuters travelling in hill region is ensured and on this regard the work can be adjured as a life saving device.


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