100% Effective Industrial Strength Steriliser For Hospitals Based On The Rife Plasma Machine

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Every hospital's worst bane is multi-drug resistant microbes and especially Staphylococcus Aureus. They claim to have no practical, effective means of eradicating these microbes.

This souped-up system will do it easily. “100% effective” needs to be qualified. All microbes in a given treatment area will be destroyed, without exception. However, people enter and leave hospitals 24/7, carrying and spreading microbes. Therefore, pathogens newly released after a given ward is sterilised, inherit new microbe populations. This cannot be prevented. Nevertheless, the hospital's level of microbe infestation will be reduced by more than 99.9% and take some time to return to previous infestation levels. Further, people within range of the signals will also be sterilised of their microbe burdens. That's an extra plus for their health, but requires safety procedures arising from the need to mitigate advent of Herxheimer symptoms in such people, if they are heavily infected.

I've used a 50-Watt Rife plasma machine for nearly two years now and tested it successfully in many applications, including my own basal cell carcinoma, bacterial infections and food preservation by sterilising milk and pork roasts, whose storage lives were extended to three weeks with a single 25-minute treatment. Its performance has been impressive. A Spooky2 generator has also been tested.

Rife systems operate by generating precision frequencies – some in square waves only and others with sine, triangular, sawtooth and even custom waveforms. Better ones are controlled by PC software. They're feature-rich, with hundreds of program sets for all pathogenic diseases. When frequencies match mortal resonances of particular microbial species, whether bacterium, yeast, virus or protozoan, they're destroyed in minutes – merely a matter of producing correct frequencies. Video clips are easily found and viewed on the internet, as are information sources concerning Rife machines and their operational principles. The clips demonstrate them in action. As seen live under microscopes, the frequencies rupture the organisms and kill them very effectively, without harming anything else. Plasma machines are the most potent types and transmit frequencies over short distances, requiring no contact.

No industrial strength system presently exists to my knowledge. Most systems rate from 5 to 50 Watts, with a small few up to 500 Watts. The system proposed and shown in the block diagram rates 1,500 Watts as run from a single 220 – 240 VAC mains power point. Using two points, it can be doubled.

Spooky2 is the chosen generator. It's one of the best for quality, among the most richly featured, has one of the biggest frequency and program databases, can independently control 64 machines simultaneously; and is by far the least expensive of all.

SPA#4 is the most eminently suitable amplifier so far discovered and generates a 3.1 MHz carrier wave to drive the plasmatube. Bill Cheb's SSQ-Bat is expected to handle the 500-Watt power.

Proving the concept to hospital managements remains the biggest challenge, but sterilised hospitals incidences of nocosomial infection will drop to almost nothing.



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