Structural Health Monitoring Using Smart Sensors And Mobile Devices

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Structural Integrity Management (SIM) is a process or measure that is put in place to increase the capacity of an any structure to function effectively and efficiently over the designed lifetime of the structure whilst protecting health, safety of the personnel working on the structure in its environment.

With the ongoing exploration of Earth oceans and outer space and future ambitious projects to colonize these environments, plans and strategies have to be put in place to monitor the safety of lives and properties that will inhabit these environments. Defects and damage on structures or equipment used in these environments has been monitored using the routine Inspection, Maintenance and Repair(IMR), but with the incoming pace of online monitoring (OLM) a sensor that would monitor real-time conditions of the equipment and structures in this environment is necessary.

ARCHINGEO INNOVATIONS has decided to improve the Structural Integrity Management industry by introducing Mobile communications with the use of IoT sensors,smartphones and wearables to introduce the ease at which the sructutural health monitoring processes are carried out. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of online monitoring process(OLM). ARCHINGEO INNOVATIONS also intends to look at solving the problem of big data that might occur when trying to implement this across the various industries.

In the end ARCHINGEO INNOVATIONS intends to transfer this knowledge to use in Construction Industry, Energy Industry, Wind Turbine, Nuclear Power Plants,Defense and security. etc.


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