Asynchronous (Alternating Synchronous) Read/Write Multihead Multiplatter Hard Disk Drive For Computers

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Information technology has rapidly advanced its development through these recent years. These developments include faster processors to handle bigger data processing from Internet and cloud connections, to application deployments. But this increase in data processing speed has become a problem for storage devices in data centers and also in personal computers so solid state drives (SSD) were invented to replace hard disk drives (HDD) because solid state storage devices read and write data faster than HDDs. But SSDs are 6 times more expensive than HDDs. 1 terabyte (TB) HDD goes for roughly $69 while 1TB of SSD can go as much as $439.

Because of this huge price difference, I would like to suggest an Asynchronous Read/Write Multihead Multiplatter HDD to compete with the speed of SSDs. My Asynchronous Multihead Multiplatter HDD idea is a single hard disk drive with 2 or more spinning platters, with each platter having their own read/write head which reads or writes a particular amount of data on their respective platter all together at the same time but processes the data in an asynchronous (alternating synchronous) manner through the use of asynchronous I/O cache which processes data to or from the read/write heads in an alternating synchronous manner in order to multiply the data read/write speed of HDDs in direct proportion to the number of reading or writing heads and spinning platters in the HDD. In other words, the asynchronous I/O cache's job is to divide the total amount of data it receives from the memory in an alternating synchronous manner to be processed by 2 or more read/write heads, so that every single bit of information processed by read/write head 1 is the continuation of data processed by read/write head 2 or another read/write head and vice – versa, or, it can just simply combine the total amount of data it receives from 2 or more read/write heads in the HDD in an alternating synchronous manner. An analogous example of this idea is like two or more HDDs running all together at the same time to read or write a specific amount of data, as a result, the combined read/write speed is faster than a single HDD doing the job alone.

With no further elaborations, the attached illustrations may explain best my Asynchronous Read/Write MultiHead MultiPlatter HDD idea for personal computers.

This idea is in the concept phase and I am looking to sell it to companies in the hard disk drive industry.


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