Desert Power Sustainable Generator

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There is wide set of the geo thermal generators and the generators that use direct solar heating or difference in temperature of ground and air. Why not to use such style of energy collection to produce electricity from hot regions?

Desert Power Sustainable Generation allow to better use energy of the sun with some other simple and relatively expensive way.

As the temperature of the sand in Sahara and other areas of Middle East is high enough it could be interesting to use special way of thermal collectors that use energy from ground.

Idea is simple enough and needs some additional control and research as it uses natural process of energy exchange between sun, ground and water in hot regions.
During the day Sun send energy to the ground making it hot up to 36 C degrees if we use tube with the liquid salt that would heat up in hot region and it would run to the relatively cold regions with the use of natural difference in temperature making useful work that can we collect using Direct Rotor Generators or through galvanic distributed steam turbine.

Such power generator consists of several simple parts like
- long from 10 to 20 km carbon or plastic tube placed in the hottest places of Sahara under the sand (0.5 - 1 m)
- direct rotor generators (that can be made even in Ukraine) installed inside carbon or plastic tube every 100 or 500 meters
- working body similar to liquid salt or other substance to be used inside the tube
- special factory that uses movement of working body to generate steam or just gives power up to the grid

You can later use the energy for generation of hydrogen that would be shipped
through LNG terminals to the place it is required.

For example, such gas can fuel up traditional power stations and boilers in Europe and other countries.

All the ideas can be used on special notices to Kazka Solutions with exact calculations and models -

Please, contact us for additional details to make sustainable generation


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