Control Remote PC Using Mobile

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The objective of this project is to control the PC by accessing the desktop remotely. We can work as like as our normal desktop on Java enabled mobile phone. Mobile cloud computing can give mobile device users a number of compensation. Corporate users are able to share resources and applications without a high level of capital expenditure on hardware and software resources. The ever increasing functionality in the mobile devices has become the driving force for developing innovative mobile applications that enrich our daily life. This project is mainly concerned with how traditional application development on desktop platforms is viewed from a different perspective and some of the strategies in mobile application development are applied to this area. The current work envisages the utilization of these Mobile Phones as remote controls to Personal Computers. We focused on developing a software application, based on client-server architecture, that enables a mobile phone user to access the features (which include file navigation, command execution, virtual display) of his/her own PC. Specifically we will focus on how to start and stop applications, to access files, to control mouse and keyboard, to control other devices of remote computing using mobile. In this our requirements will be a computer, GSM modem, mobile phone and Internet connection. It is feasible operationally, technically and economically. In this project, we will present the process to access the computers with the help of android mobile phones. This process is based on VNC (virtual network computing) technique. So to work on this, we must install VNC server on our computer connected with Wi-Fi network. VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is a remote display system which allows you to view a computing ‘desktop' environment not only on the machine where it is managed, but from anywhere on the Internet.


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    Karuna Kakkar
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    Karuna Kakkar, Garima Gupta
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    Remote Server Software
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