Sledovat - Automotive Safety Using Coordinated Flashers

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Sledovat is Russian for, "To Follow." Following a friend or family member in a vehicle has a number of problems. One drives too fast or too slowly, one takes a wrong turn or has trouble negotiating a curvy exit, one has car trouble, one or both are cautious or fearful in new or challenging situations. In each of these, it would help if one variable was removed – where is the other car. Or in a convoy, someone got separated. Three white minivans are ahead they all look alike, which is the one to follow? Or someone is technology-challenged and will not use their smartphone for GPS, yet is perfectly capable of driving a vehicle. Or it is rainy,snowy, foggy or at night and a number of cars have to travel together.

This system uses high power LED flashers. The LEDs in the flashers are arranged in a hexagonal pattern. LEDs should be yellow. Flashers will be sealed and waterproof. The flashers would mounted on an interior window, coordinated by an app for cell phones or tablets, to flash a unique pattern that all vehicles in the group display. The pattern also flashes on the cellphone screen for a quick comparison. Units will be powered by internal rechargeable batteries that plug into a USB-A port.

To operate, the user collects all of the units that will operate together in the same physical location and selects the pattern from a menu (which could include random patterns, ones made up by the user, beats of songs, etc), then inputs the number of units that will operate. The user should assure all units are fully charged. The charger will use a blue charge full light because up to one of every eight persons may be red-green colorblind. There may not be less than two units but the number could go up as high as desired. The user verifies that all units are on, then activates the units by touching the appropriate button on the app, then checks to see if all are flashing in unison. The user then mounts the flasher one per vehicle in a rear driver’s side window using the suction cups provided.

The package comes with three LED flashers, mounting hardware, separate 6' charging cords and charger, car charger with 6' minimum cord, and instructions to download the app. Additional flashers should be available separately. Instructions should contain the appropriate warnings and be available for use in multiple languages.

Operationally the units need to be on the inside so that they will not fall off while driving, get damaged by weather, or stolen. Also the patterns will not flash continuously but repeat every few seconds so as not to trigger seizures in other drivers or passengers (this should come with a warning to prevent those who are predisposed to these episodes from purchasing or using the product). May also be used with boats or attached to people as required.


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