Accurate Temperature Control System

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I have applied for patent in Canada; the Brushless_Motor_in_Activate_Relax_States (BMiARSs:2706688) at

It is comprised of two main systems. The first is the motor that can operate in the range of 95 Celsius in the presence of water vapor with the objective to accelerate the blending of the medium temperature to obtain a medium with controllable temperature that contains the fast foods in delivery. The second system is related to the said controllable temperature where the electronic circuits allow the accuracy of no greater than +/- 0.2 Celsius divided by per number of temperature sensors; that is the greater the number of temperature sensors means the accuracy will be less than +/- (0.2 Celsius /number of temperature sensor); where the example is the big gymnasium that will have multiple temperature sensors located everywhere in the gymnasium that will produce the effect of total average temperature of the gymnasium to be controlled.

Most electrical systems using a home power source like 120Vrms where those systems don't combine with thermal insulation and the reason for it would be that accumulation of water by condensation when using thermal insulation that electrical wires may also have water condensation inside the electrical cables where water conducts electricity which may cause fires to the cable insulation which in turn will cause the electrical wire to catch fire. However, for system of 24V or 12V the presence of water inside electrical wires insulation would not produce high electrical flux density (Coulomb/m2) to cause excessive heat to burn the insulation as the 120Vrms would do. Therefore, my system in BMiARSs:2706688 operates in the range of 9V or 12V to allow the combination of electrical power and thermal insulation to produce a well-managed energy dispensing system.

Some applications include fridge accurate temperature control and is mostly to maintain vegetables not to be frozen. Car temperature control on heater seat and air temperature such that in the summer my system can turn off the blower and the compressor to save fuel when the inside air temperature is cold to the desired temperature; and in the winter my system will turn on and off the blower to maintain the desired heat temperature inside the car and that is essential for users who sleep in car for short period of time when they have less time to go back home to sleep.

Such systems like my BMiARSs:2706688 are not available in the market however similar systems without a fan to circulate the air like in the systems made for PizzaPizza and Pizza Hut which they don’t use anymore; my BMiARSs:2706688 can have arbitrary electrical power with the fan to rapidly set the temperature everywhere inside the thermal insulator, containing the fast foods for delivery, to reach a desired temperature.

Thus my BMiARSs:2706688 will increase the economy for restaurants and consumers who will save time from cooking and the food will stay hot as long as the battery or electrical power source will be supplied. The cost to produce my BMiARSs:2706688 is very inexpensive.


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