Bringing the Space Command Center to the Classroom

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I have developed a mobile robot with sensors and controls that can be manipulated via a web browser from multiple locations simultaneously. An on board webcam with Pan/tilt provides the teams with live video and audio feedback. There are 4 teams located at 4 different schools participating in a mission. Teams communicate via Skype or other audio/video social media tools. One Team is responsible for robot navigation, one team is responsible for manipulator arm control, one team is responsible for pan/tilt control on the web cam and the 4th team is responsible for monitoring the suite of on board sensors as well as remaining on board battery power. All of these controls are accessed via unique login usernames and passwords. This teaching/training tool affords any school with internet connectivity and willing students to participate in a Space Command Center mini mission. Students from different schools and a variety of social backgrounds will learn to work together as a team to successfully complete the mission. They’ll be able to work together to conduct ‘missions’, fulfill different roles and see the consequences of each team’s decisions and actions. I have a passion to encourage students to pursue STEM careers and this is my personal attempt at that. I am currently beta testing this robot at a Colorado secondary school.


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    James Lane
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    promoting STEM careers in young students
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