Key component for Fusion Deposition Modelling (FDM) printers is the nozzle.
Diameter of the nozzle is a compromise between deposition rate and printing resolution. Large nozzle improves deposition rate, while high resolution requires small nozzle size.

Deep frying is not possible by method steam generator boiler. In the present conventional method for deep frying of commercially food manufacture unit, the utensils (vessel) are heated directly over the burner but in my innovative method, the vessel (jacketed kettle) is heated by the circulation (by ¼ H.P.

A robotic inspection platform (“GeoRover”) is proposed for real-time and remote evaluation of highway culverts, drainage pipes, hillslopes, and other structures or features within a highway maintenance setting.

Large tonnage water cooled chillers are highly efficient, complicated machines and consume a lot of power. Each chiller is a compromise selection of heat exchangers, compressors with motors, and refrigerants to match the specific requirements of the customer.

Today, high-rise buildings with glass, stone, metal, etc., facades during earthquake are considered potential threats to citizens and pedestrians passing by the buildings.

The buildings not only threaten the life security of their residents,

For decades work has been carried out to build robots similar to the human body structure but for this purpose a number of complex mechanisms are used. This new concept showcases a simple replication of human structure without a complex mechanism.

Climbing robots have been developed and are in use presently. But most of them have been designed and developed for climbing man-made structures such as vertical walls, structural frames and glass windows. Few climbing robots have been designed, for climbing natural structures such as trees,

On agricultural farms, the harvesting of fruits like mango is still conventionally done by ‘handpicking’ methods from individual trees. It is obvious that nowadays decreasing labor populations due to a variety of reasons has led to the increase in labor costs, high input energy consumption and other problems.

The Clothing Creator is automated process for apparel manufacturing, a machine to make clothing without direct human intervention. The Clothing Creator system goes from a bolt of cloth to a finish garment in a 45-second cycle that combines 3D fabric molding and ultrasonics to affect the cutting/seaming.

It has been observed that due to central locking of the door or due to the mistake of the concerned person (parent), when they leave their child in the car, that kid is unable to open the door when it is locked.

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