Autonomous Baggage Management System By Using Smartphone (AUTO BMS)

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Auto BMS is a smartphone based baggage management system to reduce loading/unloading time at a very last moment during departures and arrivals. Airports are technologically advanced but still baggage loading/unloading is done manually by handlers. This is a time consuming operation and in case if a passenger does not show up at a very last moment baggage has to be again located and unloaded. This causes domino effect. Whole airport operation gets delayed due to a single luggage.

This concept will help to save time and money of airlines by saving loading/unloading time. Only boarding passengers and their baggage will be loaded. Passenger/customer can self decide whether to load his bag or not via mobile application and connected system. No additional devices has to be carried by the passengers to track their bag. 'Not showing up' passenger's luggage will not be accepted hence saving time.

This system requires a passenger/customer provided with a smartphone application developed by us and 'buffer system' in automatic baggage conveyor system. Once the bar-code tags are placed on luggage, system will automatically sync with the application provided to customer through the customer details. Hence, now customer can go for shopping and other activities before boarding. System will automatically and constantly remind the passenger before boarding while baggage is in buffer zone. Passenger will decide whether he can make it to the gates on time or not. A button will be provided to take input from passenger. If he can make it to the gates then baggage will travel further from buffer to loading and vice versa, luggage will be diverted back to passenger. In This way baggage handler will only get those bags which are to be loaded, saving time in last moment baggage disruptions, consequently saving time and money of airline and airport.

We intend to target domestic Airlines as our primary customers then we can spread to global market. Because, airlines will decide how to distribute this mobile application to its customers.



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    Onkar Kulkarni
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    Auto BMS will help airlines and airport to efficiently manage baggage disruption problem. Airlines will not miss departures windows saving their time and money and hence increase in their customer trust level.
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