Smart Sea Rescue Watercraft

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The SMART SEA RESCUE WATERCRAFT is a programmable GPS controlled autonomous rescue speed boat. It may alternatively be configured as a self driving hydrofoil, catamaran, or amphibious hovercraft. It can be preprogrammed and sent unmanned to a GPS location to return rescue a navy sailor, downed Air Force pilot, an accident survivor in a life jacket, disabled boat, life boat, or raft, or to a remote island to return rescue stranded destitute people in danger. It can deliver food, water, medicine, clothing, flashlights, tools, or other necessary supplies through dangerous waters to people in need. It is equipped with computer controlled collision avoidance systems via radar, ultrasound, infrared, and / or visible optical camera systems which override control of the GPS guidance system for however long an obstacle obstructs its path. It contains both a smart cell phone and a standard tablet computer with an additional self contained GPS map system. Guided to stranded victims by known GPS coordinates provided by maps, telephone GPS, satellite, or emergency beacon, the preprogrammed craft will go directly to that GPS location and linger there. It has easy access steps on its back or side that can be pulled down by someone in the water. It can tow a boat. It can be delivered by parachute also. The craft is deliberately made very unsinkable and rugged to be able to travel through very rough and dangerous waters or very challenging weather. It could also be remotely controlled. Once the people get into the rescue craft, they need only press the return home button of the GPS or reprogram it to a new destination.


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