Convert Flexible Rubber Tube Into A Hard Tube Using Ferrofluid To Do Various Work

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This tube will be very useful to do work from a safe distance. We can use this tube for cutting, brushing, cleaning, monitoring, holding and for many other types of work. This tube will work as a Robotic arm.

Mechanism: According to the diagram there will be a flexible rubber tube which will be filled with ferrofluid. The front side of this tube will be closed and the back side will be attached with a coil (Electro Magnet) and a handle.

How will this tube work?
When electricity will work to convert coil into electromagnet then the ferrofluid, which is in liquid form will be converted into solid form and this flexible tube will become a hard tube and will be ready to do various work.

We can also attach this tube to Robots as a Robotic arm. This tube will be converted into any kind of shape. We can attach different kind of working parts with the front side of this tube to do work. This tube will be scrolled up easily after the work is over and occupy less space. We can take size of this tube as per our choice.


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