Brain Like Control For An Artificial Subjective System

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Today science does not have the right point of view on the role of a brain in our body.
It is easy to see. If isolated senses did not have information about surrounding events which lead them to change its conditions, they cannot supply that information to a brain for processing.

I was able to formulate a concept for designing of a control, which could play role of a brain for an artificial programmable system, and convert it into an artificial subjective system. That new kind of artificial system will be able to behave itself without any needs in further programming.

By that, such a system will be able to accrue professional skills and work as a professional, or support humans in their duties. Safety of use of such systems will be granted by implemented in them inability to have their own interests and desires.

Technically designing of such controls is not problematic, and could be accomplished in 2-3 years.

That approach could be used for design of a service robot system. Robots designed in accordance with my approach will be able to use any native languish for communication and perform every day duties without any restriction.

The market requires 250 million service robots right now and will require even more in near future because of population aging.

That kind of systems could be used for many different purposes. For example: they could be a core for a fully automated global education system. That problem will remain unsolved due to lack of teachers; they could be designed for mining on asteroids; exploring of a sea bottom, medical service and so an, without any limitation.

Deployment of such systems will open new opportunities for mankind. For example they could be used for designing of a planetary size spaceship for preservation of life for any how long time. The best candidate for redesigning, on my opinion, is Venus. That planet has enough energy, accumulated in the planet core, to support life during travel from one star to another, and it have enough space for accommodation of entire humanity. That will eliminate twins problem and necessity of returns to Earth. It is important that rotation of the Venus could be stopped, and we are could build protective shells around it.

All what we need for support of existence of life could be obtained on place with help of superintelligent machines, design of which is possible for now.

Preparation of such systems for a professional duties will be provided by a normal education and training for a first system, which will be able to transfer gained knowledge and experience to all succeeding systems.


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    Michael Zeldich
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    I was curios about how our minds is working. Unfortunately there no satisfactory explanations in the literature could be found. It take just 40 years to find out what the brain does and how to approach to design of an artificial control unit with the same functionality.
    The simple evaluation could show that there at least human years was spent for thinking about that problem, during the human history.
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