The Automatic Oil Spill Cleaner

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An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially marine areas, due to human activity, and is a form of pollution, sometimes even causing deaths of life forms on big water areas. It usually takes months, or even years to liquidate the results of the oil spills.

The working principle of the automatic oil spill cleaner is similar to the iRobot's one, which is popular in the modern homes. The automatic oil spill cleaner is a robotic submarine with strong pumps, that enter both oil and water, and water separator filter, that are responsible for separating oil from clean water. After the separating, the clean water is pumped by water strong pumps, and thrown out into the environment.

On one hand, some people would say there are many disadvantages of this project. First of all, there are many places that nothing can get there to take out the signs of the oil spills. Secondly, this project is very expensive and only economically strong countries, like USA and Russia can one some. Third, you will need many cleaners to liquidate the results of the oil spills. Fourthly, a lot of fuel should be used for the movement of the cleaner, and it can aggravate the situation. And finally, the speed of the oil spill cleaner would be similar to a regular submarine's underwater speed.

On the other hand, most of this disadvantages have a solution. First, I agree that you can never get to all places, which were affected by an oil spill. You can never get a 100% efficiency, but you can always reduce the destructive effect of the catastrophe. Secondly, there could be used electric power to move the cleaner. the energy could be generated from the solar energy by the solar batteries, placed on the upper side of the cleaner. The electric power could be changed into mechanical energy by two propellers, placed at the cleaner's stern. You can even get high speeds using this technology.

In the conclusion, though this project is very expensive, it is much cheaper rather than both using modern technologies, which are much slower than using an oil spill cleaner, and nature restoration in the area of the oil spill catastrophe. Also, to get the maximum efficiency, you can combine the modern technologies of liquidation of the results of the oil spills and the automatic oil spill cleaner.


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