Anti-cavitation Water Pump Control

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The IC Pump Station Anti-cavitation control unit works with a variable frequency drive (VFD) to end pump cavitation. Even if the pump intake is fully plugged! The IC Pump Station control unit “senses” cavitation and reduces the speed of the pump motor until the danger of cavitation has passed.

Installation is simple with only two one-time adjustments at start-up which takes about 10 minutes. When properly adjusted not only will the IC Pump Station control unit prevent cavitation but it can detect blocked filters on either the pump intake or discharge and reduce the pump motor speed – and the rate of flow – to end the cavitation condition.

If the blockage is severe the pump will shut down at an adjustable safety shutoff point. Restarting the pump is easy by first correcting the condition that caused the shut down and then turning the IC Pump Station control unit off and then back on to resume normal operation.

This is a simple and elegant solution that is done entirely in software and does not require the installation of any additional equipment such as flow meters or special sensors. A single, industry standard 4-20 mA pressure transducer threaded into the discharge of the pump is all that is needed for the pressure input.

The IC Pump Station control unit eliminates pump panels, phase converters, pressure regulating valves and large bladder tanks as the bladder tank is used only for cushion, not for storage. With this technology both the size and the cost of the water system can be greatly reduced.

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