Biopic Solar Air Conditioner

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This air-conditioner (a/c) introduces a new design in such a way that photovoltaic solar energy is used to process the refrigerant and cool rooms, offices or any controlled space. It cools at summer and warms in winter. It also responds to human presence as the name implies, for ON/OFF operations. The a/c comprises three units (condensing, evaporating and photovoltaic) as compared to conventional a/c which has only two (condensing and evaporating) units. The a/c undergoes five stages to complete its working cycle. They are pumping, boiling, condensation, expansion and evaporation. This means that, the refrigeration cycle which models a/cs is being reviewed. The system is however housed in 0.7mm thick mild steel sheet painted in green, white and green colors. The purpose of this photovoltaic cooling is to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which affect the ozone layer and lead to global warming. Its mass production will generate jobs; create employment opportunities and revenue generation. Although it uses R134a it’s designed to work with R1234yf as alternative refrigerant to improve versatility, and achieve international goals of (CO2) emission reduction.


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    Uba Sani Kibiya
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