Advanced Concept Of Humanoid Robots Without Complex Mechanisms

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For decades work has been carried out to build robots similar to the human body structure but for this purpose a number of complex mechanisms are used. This new concept showcases a simple replication of human structure without a complex mechanism. This can be done with the help of a number of recent technologies like 4D printing, self-assembly, programmable matters and advancement in MEMS.

Recently researchers have made various self-folding sheets, self-assembling robotics block, shape changing materials with external stimulus. This advanced humanoid can be made combining all of this research. The basic principle is to use self-transforming materials at the position of human joints thus leading to similar motion as that of humans.

This structure involve hollow web like body which can be 4D printed, i.e. printing the smart materials in a 3D printer. It can be built with various smart materials like Shape memory polymer, shape memory alloys, self-expanding and contracting materials. The use of smart materials allows the robot to change shape themselves, it also allows them to transform in any shape practically. The movement of human body is due to the movements at the joints thus the structures like wrist, elbow, fingers, neck, back, etc. are to be made of smart materials so that they can change the shape and give the movement similar to that of human. The material can be programmed to remember the similar movement as that of human and perform the motion when exited with external stimulus like light, heat, electricity, etc. The supporting structures which act rigid like bones in human body will be printed with hard polymers. By use of smart materials in the body of robots allow them to even fold and store in small bags and when required providing them heat or light they will take the shape of robot.

With further advanced along with smart self-replicating materials the Micro Electromechanical systems (MEMS) can be used. This involves the use of micro sized actuators, sensors and mechanism along with magnetic and electro mechanical components. The portion of humanoid which has to perform the movement can be designed with micro actuators along with micro magnets thus this magnetic movement can be used to actuate the motion. The complete system can be programmed so that each matter or say the MEMS devices interact with each other and lead to the movements of robot.

1. Doesn’t involve and complex mechanism
2. Does not require complex wiring systems
3. Can replicate the human body movement in accurate manner
4. Can be folded and stored in smallest available space.

1. Aerospace applications in satellites.
2. Automobiles to perform the work of driver.
3. Day to day human work in house.


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