Paperless Apparel Clothing Patterns

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For non-serial production users, available e-Patterns for apparel are CAD of PDF files that need to be printed and then the pattern is then transferred to the fabric before cutting.

Proposed idea is aimed to eliminate the paper-printing process and transfer the pattern directly to the fabric.

Idea is based on Cell phone gravity sensor. The cell phone is attached to a tailor's ruler. Pattern drawing is made using polar coordinates, ruler provides the distance and gravity sensor provides angle.

The process to draw the pattern directly on the fabric is as follows:

1.- User prepares Taylor ruler with an extra Cell phone case glued, So the cell phone can be attached and detached to the Taylor's ruler.

2.- User holds the fabric in any vertical wall to draw the patterns.

3.- On the phone App, user selects Model, style, size on pattern to draw.

4.- User introduces required information needed to make the pattern drawings.

5.- App software creates the patterns and calculates all drawing lines and calculates Polar coordinates for each line.

6.- App user interfase provide clear and simple instructions to draw each line:

a).- Cell screen shows distance to be measured with the ruler.

b).- Cell screen shows two lines, one for the current cell angle (calculated by the gravity sensor), and the other shows the line angle required by the pattern.

c).- User rotates ruler ( and therefore the cell phone) until both lines are completely overlapped.

d).- When lines are overlapped, user can draw the line.

e).- User moves to the next line and repeat the process until all pattern is drawn on the fabric.

Cell App can include features like: fabric required, made-to-measure options.

New models and options can be installed as Add-Ons to the current app.


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