A Protective Device That Protects Pedestrians Against The Fall Of Buildings’ Façade In Times Of Earthquakes

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Today, high-rise buildings with glass, stone, metal, etc., facades during earthquake are considered potential threats to citizens and pedestrians passing by the buildings.

The buildings not only threaten the life security of their residents, but they also jeopardize the life security of passers-by as well if earthquake happens.

In the event of an earthquake, some part of building facade will collapse and passers-by who walk by these buildings will face a shower of rubble and glass.

Now, a security device can lower the threats substantially and it starts to work quickly in the event of an earthquake, so it protects the lives of pedestrians and passers-by.

Many buildings can be identified in crowded and busy streets where the possibility of the collapse of part of their facade exist and the device can be installed in front of it, so the dangers will be reduced to a minimum.


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