Automatic Fertilizer Sprayer

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In a developing nation with a large population, the agricultural sector has its own importance in terms of revenue and food security. Modern methods of farming are not economically and technically feasible with small farms in the country side. The proposed economical product facilitates the farmer by providing automation in spraying the fertilizer on their crops in the farms, increasing the productivity with reducing the working time and effort of manual operation.

Silent features of automatic fertilizer sprayer:
• With the use of ultra-sonic sensor and battery operated pump, given system automatically starts spraying the fertilizers in crop/plants presence and consequently switch off in their absence, thus minimizing the wastage.
• Well placed nozzles helps in uniform spray of the fertilizers on both side of the crops from all possible directions.
• Farmer only need to walk in the center lane with uniform speed, the above product/system automatically do the spraying on the crops of both side of the lane, reducing the time.
• Both vertical and horizontal spraying arm length for the product can be adjusted, depending on the crop height and width respectively, making a flexible and versatile sprayer.
• Light weight design and can be easily mounted as a backpack by the farmer during spraying.

Manufacturing details:
Battery operated automatic fertilizer sprayer make use of ultra-sonic sensors to detect the crop/plant presences. Ultra-sonic sensor in turns actuates the solenoid valve which then allows the pressurized (pumped) fertilizer liquid to be sprayed through mounted nozzles. Nozzles are mounted in such a way to facilitate uniform spraying action from all directions. For crops of different height and width, given unit is provided with adjustable arms for horizontal and vertical movement, respectively. Hollow pipes of different diameter have been used for this purpose, allowing it to slide through one another.
Straps on the given unit facilitate the easy lifting as a backpack and the farmer only need to walk through the lane, between the crops and the unit does the rest work of spraying


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