Economical, Full Functioning 4-Axes Pick & Place Robot

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Working Principle: With a very low budget (around 100 US dollars) we were able to make a full functioning 4-axes pick and place robot. In present situation the dominance of pick and place robot in industries is much higher than other type of robots and they are very costly. Robot we made consist of servo motors(4 nos), Arduino Uno(1), and remote controller made up of push buttons(8+2),dead man switch, LED display which works upon 4-bar mechanism and we were able to give it 4 axes movement that is two rectilinear motion and two rotational motion.

# 4 servo motors are to give:
1. Rotational motion to the base of robot
2. Rectilinear motion to lower arm
3. Rectilinear motion to upper arm
4. Rotational to motion to tool

# Buttons:
1. Base Clockwise
2. Base Anticlockwise
3. Moving lower arm up
4. Moving lower arm down
5. Moving upper arm up
6. Moving lower arm down
7. Tool Clockwise
8. Toll Anticlockwise
9. on/off switch
10. on/off switch for electromagnet

# Dead man switch: To cut off the power supply for safety of the operator and person in surroundings (Safe Working)
# LED Display: To display which servo is in use
If we use most quality goods to build this robot it will be still very cheap comparing the robots which are present in market.
We used electromagnet as its tool end and supplied power to it using a battery. And tool end can be easily changed from electromagnet to mechanical gripper or any other operational tool.

Advantages & Applications:
1. The most important advantage of this project is that small scale industry which are still doing its work manually and not able to afford the cost of high priced robots they will be able to buy it and they can use it with remote or they can work it on a predefined programming which will be a lot of help.
2. In India and other countries as well, institutions like colleges, schools where they cant establish a lab of costly robots and kids are not able to get proper education about robotics and automation and they move in industries sudden exposure to real robots might be a trouble as they have to do maintenance and as well as work on them. So with the help of this project almost every college and school in India will be able to assemble a lab of robotics and with little more investment they can make a assembly line to increase the knowledge, students will be able to do their own programmings and make it happen in real.


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    Shubham Faujdar
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    Shubham Faujdar Vishal Sagar Vinay Jajpura NIkhil Kumar Prabhat Yash Rathore
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    Solid works
    Autodesk Inventor
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    Our team wanted to make a project which will help all those students who cant study robotics and automation as their college/schools do not have proper resources our this project will help them to learn about it and when they will get interest in it they will develop technology because this era and upcoming era is an era of change of our old methods working to autonomous working.
    And while making this project we identified the need of small scale industries and tried manufacturing Economical,efficient working to make industry autonomous.
    And combined both educational and industrial need.
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