A Fuel Saving And Quality Control Method For Commercial Food Production

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Deep frying is not possible by method steam generator boiler. In the present conventional method for deep frying of commercially food manufacture unit, the utensils (vessel) are heated directly over the burner but in my innovative method, the vessel (jacketed kettle) is heated by the circulation (by ¼ H.P. motor pump) of hot oil. Its nobility is its energy efficiency, safety and quality control.

In this method cooking oil is placed into the jacketed kettle and it heated by hot oil (edible oil of 200°c) circulation through pipe line which is made of ‘Teflon’ or any other insulating medium which is heated by immersion heater into an another tank, and it’s temperature is regulated quite bellow of its smoking point. Hence the oil (heating agent) can be used for long time and repeatedly. By making branches in main pipe line about 4-5nos. or more kettle can be heated for deep frying. Here loss of heat energy is minimal , whereas the conventional method, the vessel is heated directly and gradually heat energy is loss through open surface.

The temperature of the cooking oil cannot be properly controlled in the conventional direct heating method. Where the temperature of cooking oil rises beyond its smoking point and the oil is decomposed which is harmful for health. But in this method the temperature never reaches its smoking point and as it is indirectly heated, hence in this method the quality of the fried food will be better.

The food production unit uses steam generator boiler for jacketed kettle. There to circulate steam, it requires conversion to water for pumping to the boiler, Where 537 calorie/gm heat energy is expenses without utilisation. My innovative system can use instead of steam generator boiler by regulating the heat of immersion heater.

The advantage of edible oil as heating agent is, the evaporation rate of the edible oil is very low, thus it is also fuel efficient and the decomposed, burnt oil can use as heating agent. In addition to these advantages, this method is fully risk free, because there is no chance of blasting like a boiler. By this process we can save fuel -- up to 30%.


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