Design And Fabrication Of Hand Operated (Push Button) Gear Shifting Mechanism In Two Wheelers

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The present automatic transmission is fully mechanically controlled and the cost is very high. In this study, a gear shifting mechanism was designed and applied on a clutch featured bike to make the gear transmission process faster and less destructible for the driver using push button system design. But the gear transmission mechanism designed makes driving easier and to achieve efficient driving. This new device must be reliable, has small dimensions, economical and low maintenance cost. This project aims to improve the gear shifting process with a suitable control mechanism to implement in clutch featured bikes. According to the suggested gear shifting method, the selects the transmission gear as per the speed of the vehicle without any human interference .A pneumatic shifter is a mechanical device that uses compressed air to shift a gear from the clutch near the driver to the engine of a vehicle. Pneumatic shifters should be viewed as a safety device. There is no lag time in a gear shift occurring at the clutch and taking hold in the rest of the vehicle. To provide comfortable user interface to all people including handicapped people. Innovation for people who are unable to operate two wheeler having normal gear shifting mechanism.


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    Loganathan M
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    Sankar, Student, Mechanical Engineering, KIOT, Salem.
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    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
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