Automatic Digital Book Vending Machine

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How does it work?

All vending machines consist of two major parts: electrical and mechanical. Initially the customer swipes his/her identity card containing their unique code. This card is scanned by the RFID reader; if it is accepted then the electrical interface consisting of 8051 microcontroller, regulator 7802 and 7812 etc. sends the signal to the motor controlling unit and the motor which is shafted to the power screw starts rotating. This rotating action moves the book holder near the suction cups placed at the top end. When the book approaches the suction cup the vacuum pressure actuates in the suction cup and the book is separated from the stack. This stopping action is due to the presence of a proximity sensor near the top end. Now the power screw holding the suction cups starts rotating and the book attached to the suction cup moves horizontally towards the dispensing tray/exit. When the suction cup is at the dispensing tray the vacuum pressure holding the book releases and the book is separated from the suction cups. The vacuum pressure is due to the presence of a vacuum pump.

Why is it innovative?

In today’s world, a very little is being done to help society. Innovation is not just about inventing a new product, it is also about finding solutions for the existing problems. We did a little to think beyond being commercial, to reach out to the needs in society. Education is the basic step for any innovation to come forward. This product is innovative because it is not dependent on any sources except for loading back, it can be accessed by any student or person whenever they need. They don't need to depend on the stores or society for basic study materials.

Its applications?

It has a wide range of applications:
1) Schools and colleges
2) Can be implemented in various educational institute campus
3) Office
4) Many other similar places

How it would be manufactured and marketed?

It can be manufactured by basic mechanical manufacturing methods such as forging , milling , grinding , cutting and welding. It also includes electronic circuits which are programmed as per the requirements.

It has a wide range of marketing abilities since it has lot of potential in educational institutes, especially with those that have huge campuses.


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    What inspires me and my design is tat , i used to see problems which students were facing inside the college campus . So decided to come up with a solution for those who needed it.
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