Portable Electrically Operated Sand Sieving And Cement Mixing Machine (PEOSSACMM)

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As we are aware that in present scenarios it is very difficult to get labours to work in construction industries and former work. Also on the other side labour law is getting stringent and many industries are facing the hit. To encounter this problem industries are going towards automation. In the same way many foundries are going for fully automatic sieving machines. But small scale foundries and low level contractors are unable to go further for the heavy investment of 10-12 lakh rupees. We have decided to go for small and best possible automation technique to get maximum output with less investment. Now a days people always prefer the most suitable way to cut their cost and time. For example, in a construction site where they have to finish the work before the due date, it might be a problem, since we have long waiting for the good time to arrive. However, sometimes in big company there are highly sophisticated machine that can do this work sieving any sub stand or mixture. But sometimes in construction site required a special sieve machine and concrete mixer machine that are comfortable and easy use.

Generally while preparing the mortar for construction purpose, the process of sieving of sand and mixing it with cement and water is carried out separately. These processes are carried out manually. Sieving of sand is carried out using rectangular mesh which is inclined at certain angle. This causes a relative motion between the particles and the sieve. Depending on their size the individual particles either pass through the sieve mesh or retained on the sieve surface. There are different machines that are being used for sand sieving and cement mixing processes. In our project both the process will takes place simultaneously. Thus the time consumed during the whole process of preparing the concrete is reduced.


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