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Alive Home Technologies Private Limited, is working on creating cost effective, complete, yet high-end smart home solutions. We have a mission that within five years we would this technology so affordable that it will be present in every alternate Indian home. Alive Homes has a unique value proposition of no pre-requisite of internet connection at home if the user wants to control within the home. Our machine learning technique will read the user patterns and live cycle and automate the appliances as per the behaviour of the user. Location based automation will help to automate appliances on go tracking the location of the user. Our vision is to become the pioneer company in IoT space and revolutionise industries, like agriculture, mining, e-commerce, energy metering, health tech and ed tech etc using the power of IoT.



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    Poonam Gupta
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    Alok Dixit Ankit Bansal Ravi Shankar
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    The middle class people and their needs
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