Spying And Surveillance Robot

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In these days, wars and battles have significantly been increasing, and due to this reason, science and engineering are playing a pivotal role in the military field. New inventions and machines are appearing very frequently. More importantly, most of these machines are unmanned drones and robots. The reason of this is that these machines reduce loss of human life, and they are more efficient than humans. For this reason, the superpower countries have allocated tremendous amount of money for robotics and drones fields. For example, most of the U.S air strikes are done by unmanned drones. Plus, there are new prototypes emerging of unmanned tanks and armored vehicles. Finally and most importantly, our country is now having a fierce battle against the ISIS terrorists. Those terrorists use IEDs (Impoverished Explosive Device) heavily against our civil and army targets as well.

For these reasons, we wanted to do research and a project in this field in order to pave a way for further researches and projects in this field and in order to keep up with the ongoing and growing trend of robotics. Our scope for this project is to create a robot that can be controlled wirelessly by the internet network, so it be controlled from anywhere in the world. Also, we want the robot to be able to record video of the surroundings. Another feature of the robot is that it can calculate and measure distance of the obstacles ahead of the robot. Additionally, the robot is able to detect metals and send a text message informing you of presence of metal. Finally, there is an electronic timer on board of the robot, so when the timer is finished counting, the robot will trigger a small firework that represents the ability of the robot to self-destroy itself when it reaches the enemy lines. The center part of the robot is a set of microcontrollers called Arduino. Arduino is an open source development board intended for both to engineers and hobbits alike. The board has an onboard regulator circuit for feeding the microcontroller with a steady 5V power supply. The board has two microcontrollers; one is for receiving commands from Arduino IDE (The environment which is used for programming the board) while the other is ATMEGA 32 which is the heart of the board and is responsible for controlling and giving commands. Arduino communicates with personal computers through a USB cable (Universal Serial Bus). The IDE of Arduino is based on and very similar to C language which is also very widely used for programming robotics applications. For this project, we have used four Arduinos to complete the function of the robot. And in the next coming sections, we will discuss the function of each Arduino respectively.


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