Wall Climbing Robot With Crane

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The purpose of this project is to make a wall climbing robot that can assist the workers working at higher grounds by picking up tools or gadgets. A wall climbing robot can be operated by different principles. Our wall climbing robot uses propellers that are placed at the center of the robot body. The propellers work similar to that of a gyroscope. This provides the sufficient balance to the robot to maintain its position over the wall.

The servo motors runs the wheels of the robot and the gyroscope. A crane is attached using bolts to part shaped like a cabin the body of the robot. The crane is placed above the gyros. This wall climbing robot can be controlled by a remote control.

When the robot is supplied with power it runs forward its direction and the movement of the crane is controlled by the remote control.

An important feature that makes it different from other wall climbing robots is that, the attachment of the crane so, that it can pick an object and carry it over the walls. While the other wall climbing robot cannot take objects or climb higher walls. The use of gyros make it possible to climb high walls.

Since the robot needs to climb wall of great heights it should be made of light weighted material to climb easily. So, the power consumed will be less and the batteries used may be smaller which may also reduce the weight. Materials like steel, carbon fibres can be used to make the body and parts of the robot. It can be made by CNC machining or by sheet cutting process. But CNC can be used for quick machining.

This robot can be employed for assisting the work of a labour working at dams bridges or in the construction of high storeyed building. This can also be used to remove or fix bulbs. It can help by picking up gadgets. It can be used to clean windows of buildings. It may be even be used to paint buildings.


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