TULMan Electronic Counter

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The TULMan Electronic Counter is a universal product designed to effectively manage small pneumatic tools and devices.

TULMan stands for Tool Usage and Life Management and the electronic counter allows users to monitor tool usage, and implement preventative maintenance.

The simplest way to describe it is - a device to be a tripometer and an odometer for a pneumatic power tool.

It enables maintenance or performance checks to be set based on cycles or run time. A yellow LED light warns when the cycle or run time limits are near, while it turns red when limits have been reached. The electronic counter can also allow users to track consumables used on the tools compare product usage among different operators to make process improvements.

Pneumatic torque tools will generally go out of calibration based on usage, not based on calendar days. A tool run 100,000 times is more likely to go out of calibration that if it runs 10 times. if you have to do your calibration based on elapsed time and you haven't worked out the actual usage of the tools, you could be over-calibrating some tools and, more worrisome, under-calibrating other tools. The worst thing that can happen on a calibration is that when the tool comes in to be checked and is out of calibration. Then, you have no idea how many fastenings were actually done incorrectly.

You can also use it to create a strong preventative maintenance program for pneumatic tools. This could result in great cost-savings for facilities that aren’t doing preventative maintenance, but wait until the tool breaks to service it, which results in a more expensive repair.

This is a universal device that you can use anywhere air is flowing. The first version requires a minimum of 5cfm and will work up to 20cfm without affecting the performance of the device it is connected to, but the design is scalable to higher air flow.

It comes with free software that provides programming tools to establish warnings, and limits. The software also allows file downloads in CSV format to share data and multiple password access modes to control access.

Connection is a micro USB for easy program setup and data download a tamper-proof cover.

The TULMan Electronic Counter is ideal for a variety of applications, including calibration and monitoring of pneumatic assembly tools, as well as material removal tools such as hand drills, sanders, grinders, and polishers.

How it works.
When air starts to flow, there's a very small piston in the device and a spring. When the air flows, it pushes the piston, presses the spring. The piston has a very small magnet in it and the magnet goes in front of a reed switch. When the air stops flowing the magnet goes away. By using a magnet and a reed switch, we are separating the electronics from the air. It's very important because air isn't always the cleanest and that’s why we use a contactless switch.


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