ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Project

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ATOM-1.0 Humanoid Robot Vision.

It is important in today’s modern age of technology to have pioneers push forward to reach greater achievements. The pioneer must have a vision, determination and not be easily discouraged by lack of project funding or criticism. Without great thinkers whose vision been before their time, where would our current technology stand.

Facing great challenges of pioneering new technologies can be a very painstaking process, not to mention the criticism that is usually part of what the imaginative pioneer must face from peers. One such pioneer is Dan Mathias, a Roboticist whose background entails Engineering degree in the disciplines of Industrial Electronics, Robotics and Control systems and 35+ years of building robots.

The ATOM 1.0 humanoid project is advancing robotics to support the needs in many fields and will solve many dangerous jobs humans need not do any more.

1: Mankind in space on mars or moon exploration missions, 2: Healthcare and care-taking , 3: Commercial and Industrial manufacturing, 4: Hazardous rescue activities, 5: Chemical and biological disposal applications, 6: Home and national Security,

With the introduction of the ATOM humanoid robot and with this new advanced technology we can create Hi-Tech jobs for the USA that can't be exported, robots and men working hand in hand to make a better world.

ATOM, which stands for "Advanced Technology for Optimizing Motion," was build by Dan Mathias an Robotics Scientist an electrical/mechanical/software engineer.

ATOM 1.0 has Windows 7e and Windows XPe and has over 50 degrees of freedom, hand made of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber all hand build in the USA in the FutureBots humanoid Labs. Has many high powered Intel and Atmel processor units running the worlds most advanced operating systems as Win 7e and Arduino. Also has advanced stereo vision system, Microsoft Kinect sensor and advanced walking system that imitates humans incorporating over 30 sensors all over ATOM's body unit.

Basic system out look:
OS Windows 7 embedded, Windows XP embedded

Intel Atom - 1.66 Ghz nano boards head
Intel i5 dual core 2.6 Ghz ITX boards torso
NVIDIA Jetson TK1 motion co-processor
Atmel Microprocessors

Vision system:
Microsoft HD Dual Stereo color Vision with
Depth Perception

Kevlar - Fiberglass

6-Axis Force Sensors for feet
3-Axis Accelerometers
3-Axis Gyros
Ultrasonic range units
Microsoft Kinect sensor
Stereo microphones
Actuators DC Servo motor
HD Harmonic Drive motors

TI op-amps, Microchip A/D converters, Analog Devices Accelerometers
Power Dual Shorai 12-volt Li-ion polymer batteries

Cost: About 8 years of hard work, self funded.

It is hard to sum up a complex project as the ATOM 1.0 in 500 words, it's a very complex multi year humanoid project from a small underfunded lab, I hope in the future to build ATOM 2.0, thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest!



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    Dan Mathias
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    My DAD a self made engineer that taught you how to build and fix anything, also Star Wars Honda ASIMO, Lost in Space, Star Trek.
    The ATOM 1.0 a on going humanoid project that has stretched my tech imagination and has made me think way out of the box to Create the Future of humanoid systems.
    I hope to one day work with Great Visionary's like Elon Musk to build great robot systems to help those in need.
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    Win 7e, CUDA, Arduino, Kinect, Gazebo, C++, Labview, Java, Xilinix ISE
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