Modern Accident Avoidance System In Blind Curves And Fog

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The objective of this project is to make a controller based model to avoid accidents in blind curves. Here we used a sensor for sensing the vehicle. Collision avoidance systems are especially useful in bad weather conditions. The sensors in the car would be capable of detecting the poor conditions and would inform the driver on how to drive in them. For example, because fog affects visibility, the sensors would recognize this and alert the driver of any dangers that lie ahead, like a windy turn or another car, giving the driver enough time to slow down, allowing him to escape from what could have been a bad accident.

A collision prevention system for a vehicle has a brake system. The system includes first preview sensor detecting an obstacle in front of the vehicle in a first distal detection zone to produce a first signal indicative of presence of the obstacle and distance between the obstacle and the front end of the vehicle, and a second preview sensor detecting the obstacle in front of the vehicle in a second proximal detection zone to produce a second signal indicative of at least presence of the obstacle. The system further includes third vehicle speed sensor detecting vehicular traveling speed and generating a vehicle speed indicative signal. A control unit is connected to the first and second preview sensor for receiving the first and second signals. The control unit is responsive to the first signal for deriving vehicular deceleration pattern for stopping the vehicle without colliding on the obstacle on the basis of the distance between the obstacle and the front end of the vehicle and the vehicle speed indicated by the vehicle speed indicative signal, and responsive to the second signal for operating the brake system for instant stopping of the vehicle.


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    Ancy Oommen
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    My teacher inspired me to make this project .The main purpose of this project is to avoid accident in the high altitude.
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