Traffic Noise Monitoring Aircraft (Justice Rains from Above!)

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Nowadays many people are annoyed by the car horns because sometimes they can be so loud that they influence people’s normal work or study. Sadly, we still haven’t got any related policy to supervise the use of the car horn. The drivers can press the horn at any time and place. Some of them may even refit the car horn to make their horns louder. Therefore, we designed this Sound Detector in order to promote the policy about car horn. As its name means, it can test the loudness of the sound and also how much long the horn is used. If the sound is too loud or the time is too long, the camera on it will automatically take a picture of the car and send it to the Traffic Management Bureau. The driver will be punished regarding the severity of the noise. Meanwhile, the Sound Detector is able to fly, so its detection range will not be limited. We want to use this Sound Detector as well as the power of the police to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for citizens.

The Sound Detector has three main parts—power section, detection section, and photo section. The power section contains four propellers and it can increase the stability of the whole body. The detection section looks just like a black ball. Around the ball, it has numerous small sound receivers and also a laser range finder at the bottom. The sound receiver can capture the sound from any direction and knows the angle between the sound and vertical direction. The laser range finder can calculate the distance between the ground and the Sound Detector. Using some mathematical computation, the Sound Detector will know the direct distance to the car and can also deduce the loudness of the horn of the car. And then the 360 degree panoramic camera will take a picture of the car and license plate number, sending it to the Traffic Management Bureau.

This kind of camera and propeller are available now on the market. Meanwhile, in the detection section, there are sound receivers and laser range finders in the market. What we need to do is to assemble all these parts and design the circuit board to coordinate the work of each component. Furthermore, in the future, in order to increase the diversification of this kind of product, the detection section and photo section may be detachable and the police can replace it with other assemblies to meet various kinds of demands, such as running red lights or illegal parking. Thus, this kind of product must have a huge potential in the future market and it can really help the police to supervise the traffic in a more convenient way.


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    The car horns in our city have become increasingly disturbing these days and we thought we need a small device to allevieate that problem.
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