Autonomous Farming Robot

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Agriculture is very labor intensive field and one of the only fields where robots are not involved. Nowadays many industries are trying to reduce human labor by making robots and machines. A vision-based row guidance method is presented to guide a robot platform which is designed independently to drive through the row crops in a field according to the design concept of open architecture. Then, the offset and heading angle of the robot platform are detected in real time to guide the platform on the basis of recognition of a crop row using machine vision. And the control scheme of the platform is proposed to carry out row guidance.

Here we are designing a autonomous intelligent farming robot which indicates the plant health by observing the color of their leaves and based on the height of the plant. The robot also notes the surrounding environmental conditions of the plant like temperature, moisture and humidity so that the robot will decide about the health of the plants and will display on the LCD. The robot also has a watering mechanism. It will water the plants according to their needs by observing soil moisture and humidity. It will also tell when the cutting process should take place by observing the leaf color.


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    Neha Taneja
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    Preeti Rai Neeraj Kataria
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