Fractal Orifice Drone

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The Fractal Orifice Plate US9278362 is a platform technology upon which novel nozzle geometries for advanced fluid dynamics and spray applications are based. It is designed to produce a large class of non-canonical turbulent flows that can be tailored to specific applications based on a few simple parameters. Subsequently, the Fractal Orifice Plate offers a vast array of turbulence configurations effectively opening the door to a new realm of spray and flow control. The Fractal Orifice Plate is patented internationally in over twenty countries in the E.U., China and the U.S. for a diverse set of applications ranging from fuel atomization to combustion and power generation to industrial robotics.

Robotics Drone Orifice

Fractal Orifices can be engineered so no additional energy is needed to atomize water in fire fighting situations. For example on a navy ship where water is limited robots with drone orifices could be used to redirect the spray and or break up the solid streams very close to the fire. Also orifices like the F 5 swirler has leading edges which could be used to spin the orifice if engineered to do so. Many other ways of using just the orifice to make new spray patterns with helicopters or robots holding them.


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