Mini Hydro Power Turbine

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Hi, my name is Lutf and I am going to design a turbine in the right of way pipe line going towards the house with pressure. For this I have selected a site in my village. The head of the pipe line is about 45 meters high and the length of pipe line is 120 meters long. Section of my turbine is attached here.

But here I have a problem. I want to fix the turbine in way of pipe line and think is it possible that the water flowing in the pipe produce movement in the turbine and flow through the outlet pipe for the village as I think the water store inside the turbine will cause a decrease in the RPM of the turbine. So can you please give me a suggestion for how I will can such a turbine which will be fitted in the right of way of pipe line and doesn't make any disturbance in the supply of water to the houses.


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    Lutf Ur Rahman
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