High Performance Gear To Displace Planetary & Cycloidal Gear Sets

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The revolutionary FrictionLess-Gear© [FLG] and Continuously Variable FLG [CV-FLG] provide absolute minimum product size, mass/weight, friction, cost, and energy/fuel requirement, resulting in highest performance - maximal operating speeds, specific torque capacity, reliability, safety factor, longevity, energy output in power generation and solution overall - at any scale.

The Continuously Variable FLG [CV-FLG] is NOT a friction device like all others and therefore significantly superior.

The concept is an innovative reformulation of gearing theory based on the idea of a roller bearing which can act as both in the same unit, obviating the need for a bearing in some devices in which it is installed. The large number of engaged teeth gives it a tremendous torque capacity compared to conventional spur/evolvent/involute gears. The roller bearing architecture provides the lowest possible friction of any gear type.

The FrictionLess-Gear© [FLG] transfers significantly more torque with lower energy losses than legacy cycloidal and planetary gear sets, or any other gear box or transmission, and is suitable for all applications and ranges of power loading including megawatt scales. The robust, compact, reduced-weight, nested FrictionLess-Gear© [FLG] and drives are efficient and cost effective yet feature 500% shock load capability with graceful failure mode. The run dry capability can be executed at extreme high/low temperature, corrosive and vacuum operations which supports ultra clean environments. The FLG was designed to function as a radial and axial bearing and gear in the same unit [i.e., bearing of a device may be dispensed with] and can also operate as a hydraulic motor. Contra-rotating output capability and multiple outputs with various gear ratios from one shaft are possible thus enabling simple transmissions. FLG torque converters, speed reducers, gearless differentials, worm/hypoid/screw drives, high center distance variability spiroid/helicon drives, miter/bevel/right angle gear boxes, linear [rack and pinion or screw type] and motion translators/converters, active yaw control (AYC)/ torque vectoring/ yaw control differential and other derivative patents will soon be available.

The FLG offers many benefits over existing gears and the applications are endless but most utility is found in high torque dense aerospace applications such as planetary exploration vehicles, satellites, rockets, helicopters, tiltrotors, VTOL's [e.g. Future Vertical Lift (FVL), Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR), VTOL X-Plane Vertical Take Off and Landing Experimental Aircraft programs], Ground X-Vehicle Technology (GXV-T) program and geared turbine engines like Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower 1000 or Pratt & Whitney turbofan propulsion plant and lift fan for the STOVL F-35B jet. The FLG fits well in the drone market and robotic markets Amazon, Google, the military & others are pursuing. ULTRA-Long-Reach Robotic Arms, surpassing NASA's, will be possible [see last-year's winner].

• Highest gear/thread contact ratio
• Highest torque to weight/mass or volume/space ratio [highest torque density (specific torque)]
• Highest torque ratio range [even 100,000s of thousands Nm]
• Highest gear ratio range
• Highest power/load capacity [even at megawatt scales]
• Highest torque/power-transmission efficiency
• High operating speed capability

Our competition is the planetary and cycloidal gear depicted in the images.


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